by Vadell Gabriel

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This album is a compilation of nearly three dozen instrumentals I produced between 2012 and 2015. I had them all sitting on my hard drive, and wasn't doing anything with them. So I decided to put them up as a beat tape.

And yes, the title is a play on J Dilla's "Donuts". It was too good to pass up because I'm a corny Canadian. :p

If you want to use to any of these beats for commercial use, contact me at SpiderzipProductions@gmail.com


released July 28, 2015

All tracks produced by Vadell Gabriel, except for "Lunch With the Yangsta", which was co-produced by Enze Yangsta. Copyright 2015, Spyderzip Productions.

Cover Art: Christie Taylor.

Special Thanks: Busta Scriptiaz, James McQuaid, iMOVE, my entire family, and many others.



all rights reserved


Vadell Gabriel Halifax, Nova Scotia

Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, I'm likely the only New Jack Swing artist you'll find here in the Great North.

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Track Name: Dillaesque Horns
Track Name: Vadell Gabriel Feat. The Yangsta - Kick It With Me (Vadell's 411 Mix)
Enze: Ay yo Seth, see that fine ass chick over there.
You know what, Imma go holla.

Vadell: No man, you got it twisted, Imma go holla.

Enze: Say breh, what chu talking bout. I saw her first. Lemme do my thang. Um, excuse me miss, can I talk to you for a second?

So on a scale of 1 to 2, What's the chances that I'll get with you?
I'm just playing girl, I like to act a fool
My name's the Yangsta, how do you do?
I just wanna tell you how pretty you look
And your sense of style is off the hook
This took a lot of courage for me to say
But I can't let my homeboy sweep you away!
Forget my friend, he's a boring dude
But the Yangsta wrote a poem just for you
Roses are red, violets are blue
Can I get your name, and your number too?
Go to KFC, get a number two
Cause compared to me, he's a number two
I can't really say it's love at first sight
But I would really like it if we kicked it tonight!

(Bridge 1)
Enze: So, what do you say, come hang out with the Yangsta.
Last name ever, first name greatest.
And yes, for the record, I am hitting on you.
So what do you say?

Vadel; lNo, No, No, No. That is not how you talk to a woman man! Yo step back Enze, watch this!

madame, please forgive my homie Enze here
I'm not boring, it's just that my creativity's always soaring
I'm always writing stories and rhymes, ooh, they're so sublime
So lemme kick a song to you, since you're so fine

(Enze: Man, what're you talkin' 'bout?)

Roses are red
lilacs are purple
Don't let that clown trick you into thinking that I'm like Steve Urkle
I don't fumble, never blubber, I'm just a homegrown Nova Scotian lover
So give me your number, and I can show you sights that you've never seen before
Or if you're not into that, we can just hit the dancefloor
We can dine on the shores of Peggy's cove
or just chilax on the couch watching a movie at home
It's up to you, the sky's the limit, beau
and like the King of Pop, I believe that's really true.
Our future can stretch as far as the eye can see
If you give me a chance, So girl, come kick it with me

(Bridge 2)
Vadell: So girl, whassup? Forget that geeky Enze Yangsta, Asian rapper guy. Come hang out with me, what do you say? Come hang out with the Swing Mob leader, Vadell Gabriel. *kiss sound*

Enze: What chu doing man??? You’re scaring her. Look here baby, listen.

Now I know this sudden, and your heart skipped a beat
But It'll be all good once you get to know me
I've done this before, come on, let's be honest
But I'm a real nice guy, girl I promise
I want nothing else but to get to know you better
And maybe when you get cold, I'll lend you my sweater
I'm Enze Yangsta, it's so nice to meet ya
So what chu say girl? Come kick it with me!

I know you're skeptical, but you won't regret hangin' with me
Let me tell you why:
Unlike that little shrimp hangin' over there
I guarantee, I'll blow your mind
Maybe I can't sing it like Michael J.
But I got enough love to treat you right
There ain't no fakin' here, it's all scincerity
So give me a chance girl, and come kick it with me

Vadell: Ay baby come kick it with Vadell Gabriel.

Enze: No, no, no, come kick it with Enze Yangsta.

Vadell? Enze man what chu talking about, you ain't got no time for no girl man!

Enze: What chu mean man?

Vadell: You got 2 jobs, you ain't got time for all that stuff!

Enze: Oh no, no, no, no, no, I think I can make time for this one. By the way man, where's YOUR job?

Vadell: Why you gotta bring that up?! Man, that's a low blow!

Enze: You’re a low blow, bro! What chu talkin' 'bout man?

Vadell: What the...? Where'd she go to?!

Enze: Aww man, I think she left when when we was too busy arguing!

Both: Nooooo!